My name is Candice.


I’m what you might call, a consummate planner. Growing up, I’d get starry-eyed when even the simplest celebration was nearing. My mind would race with all the things the event HAD to have in order to be perfect. I never outgrew my obsession with events, instead it amplified...

I started Sweet Events because this is what I love to do. It’s my passion. I wholeheartedly believe that you and your family should enjoy your wedding day as much as your guests will, and I vow to do everything I can to ensure that happens. I love helping people celebrate, and I couldn't be more excited, or honored, to be part of your Special Day.

Quips + Quirks about me:


  • I could live on guacamole alone. No chips necessary.

  • I’m a Military Brat, born in Chicago, but raised all over.

  • I’ve called Austin home since back when South Park Meadows was still a meadow.

  • I’m responsible for three, two-legged male children, and two, four-legged children. Two of the five have super fluffy hair. My life is like a word problem.

  • I’m a huge ephemera nerd.

  • I have DIYed all the things. Seriously, all of them.

  • I MacGyvered a dress top out of a chair tie for a bridesmaid with a leaky water bra. For reals.

  • I crept down an aisle, ninja style, to set a chair at the altar in time to catch a fainting groomsman.

  • I’ve caught three falling wedding cakes in my hands, repaired a dozen wedding dresses, and held back hair for one flu-infected bride.

  • I walk the equivalent of nearly 10 miles while executing a wedding day.

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